Friday, April 10, 2009

Eusebia Church Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee

Located on Highway 411, just inside the Blount County line across from Sevier County. The side street is Burnett Station Rd. The small forts in the area during the late 1700s were often called "stations". This particular area was settled around 1784 and the cemetery was formed after the first death in the group. It was after that, that a Reverend organized a church next to the cemetery.
This cemetery has one of the largest number of Revolutionary War soldiers that I know of in Tennessee. There are 15 buried here. They are:
Andrew Bogle 1753-1813
Joseph Bogle Jr 1759-1811
Joseph Bogle Sr 1730-1790
John Boyd Sr 1745-1838
Andrew Creswell 1757-1838
John Cusick (dates unknown)
Josias Campbell 1760-1823(or 1812, unknown)
Joseph Black Sr 1747-1825
George Hadden 1751-1843
John McCrosky 1757-1843
Samuel McMurray 1755-1821
Michael McNelly 1747-1822
Robert McTeer 1740-1824
John Pickens 1751-1835
John Sharp Jr 1762-1844

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  1. Martha Cusick b 31Jan1748 is buried beside John. She is sister of Joseph Black b 22Feb 1747.
    I believe that two of the unidentified graves are their mother Elizabeth Colville Black(burn) Newell ca 1797 and their step father Samuel Newell 1794. Their half sister Sarah Newell Vance and her husband Joseph Vance inherited the farm between the church and Newells Station.