Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Adkerson Cemetery, Rutherford County, TN

A cemetery within a cemetery. These headstones are actually located at Mt Juliet Cemetery in Wilson County, Tennessee. They once belonged in Adkerson Cemetery which was located near the Stones River off of Harbor Drive which still runs north from Jefferson Pike east of the Lake.

The Lake, J. Percy Priest Lake, was formed when the Stones River was damned. The dam was built between 1963 and 1968. In that time, hundreds of graves from Rutherford, Davidson and Wilson counties were relocated, as well as hundreds of people who lived along the river. The whole town of Jefferson was removed-as if it never existed.

This small family graveyard is just one of many from Rutherford County that was relocated to Mt Juliet. According to the Army Corps of Engineers, those responsible for the move, this graveyard had these 2 headstones and 17 more unknown whose graves had not been marked.

The two we do know the identity of are Samuel P Tucker, Nov 12, 1846-June 13, 1870; and Maud Rose, twin daughter of John H and Sallie Adkerson, Feb 17-Sep 12, 1872.

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