Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ask questions here

If you have any questions about cemeteries I have visited but have not posted here yet, this is the place to ask the questions or provide additional information. You should not need an account to post a comment.

Thanks for reading!

4/9/12: I have moved this post date in order to bring it up to date.


  1. Have you taken any pictures of Lawrence tombstones in Rutherford County near Readyville? I believe there was a Lawrence cemetery there. I have been trying to find my great great grandfather's burial place. His name wsa James Louis Lawrence and married a Sallie A Brandon. My email is Thanks.

  2. David,

    Unfortunately I do not find any Lawrence(also spelled a few other ways in the records) in the Readyville area, and noone at all listed for Rutherford County with the names you provided. There are a few "Lorance"s in Cook Cemetery and Wards Grove Cemetery, these are the closest but still several miles from Readyville.

    The town of Readyville crosses into Cannon County and I do not have those records to check.

    Sorry I could not help more.

  3. Hello, We live on Christiana Hoovers Gap Rd in Christiana. There is an old gravestone in the back pasture where it is over grown with weeds and trees. There are several graves but there is only onre remaining stone. Last name B.G White and a child Willam M. Seahorn 1848-1855 from the 17th century. We do not believe that anyone is aware that it is even here.
    This property will be developed in the next few years and we wondered if you would like to add it to your site? However, it may also be the Millersburg cemetry. We are not sure. Please feel free to contact us. My email is
    Thank you!


  4. I go to PCMS which is now across the street from Live Oaks Cemetery. My class and I are doing research on Live Oaks. Are there any other people that you know of buried there? E-mail:

  5. @Jennifer - I think I have that cemetery marked on my county map, but had no other info about it. I'm not sure where I found out about it previously. I may e-mail you later for more info.

    @Jenny - That is excellent that you are researching Live Oaks. I wish I had more info for you. I do not have a list of those buried there. I had seen it once on another website, but I can't seem to find that link right now. I'm sure someone at Trinity Church should have that information. Good luck!

  6. Hi there - I think you're doing a terrific job. I, too, am fascinated by old graveyards. I have ancestors buried at the Johns Cemetery (Chapel Hill Quadrangle, near Lacassas), and I am considering making a trip all the way there to see if I can find and photograph the tombstones and the area. My mom would have loved to know that I found her kin. Have you been to this one and are there houses all over the place? I have some info from 2000 that indicated the area was to be developed. Thanks! Jenny in Idaho.

  7. Great Site!
    I'm looking for a tombstone in your area, along the Stone River. I think it might have been in the area that was covered by the lake, and I hope it was among the ones that got moved.
    It belongs to Sarah Elizabeth Jennings Clay, who was the niece of Elizabeth Jennings Hudson, the
    grandmother of Henry Clay of Ashland.
    The last report of this tombstone was in 1940 when Charles Clay and Charles Ferris found it to be in good preservation with the following inscription:
    "Sarah, wife of Joshua Clay,
    born in Hanover Virgina, daughter of William Jennings, died
    in Rutherford County Tennessee on 1827 at the age of 45.
    Erected by her son, John W. Clay, also her son Henry G. Clay,
    born 1815, died 1832, also her son Armsted M. Clay, born
    1818, died 1839, also John and Malison Clay, the father and
    mother of Joshua Clay".

    I would appreciate any information you run across about the Clays in your area, or if you locate this tombstone in your travels.
    Sean Clay

  8. Do you post your photos on

  9. Thank you for the photos of Fitzhugh Cemetery-Old Hickory; they are my ancestors, and it is a great pleasure your photo was taken when things are green.

    Truly, you cannot know how nice this is :)