Monday, March 30, 2009

Rutherford County Cemetery info

Hello, my name is Kim and I live in Rutherford County, Tennessee. I spend as much time as I can(which lately hasn't been as much as I would like) researching and visiting and photographing the many, many cemeteries and graveyards in our county. According to the new book published by the Rutherford County Historical Society, there are close to 760 cemeteries in our county. Yes, some of those listed in the book are actually in surrounding counties, but not enough to diminish the fact that our county has A LOT of cemeteries!

I have had a website dedicated to locating and photographing the tombstones here almost ever since I moved here in 2002. I have to admit that in the past 3 years I've had a number of setbacks, such as car trouble after car trouble and the whole thing with my mom losing her home to Hurricane Katrina. And getting hooked on a video game that has taken up entirely too much of my time in the past 3 years!

I have recently been inspired to get back at it and hope I can finally get quite a bit of my information on to my website. I cannot spend the time traveling the back roads like I used to locating new cemeteries, but that gives me more time to hopefully get what I can uploaded(photos from about 200 of the over 700 cemeteries!). I will still try to get out with the family when the weekends are nice. And I will post about what I find on my personal blog.

I am hoping that anyone that comes across my Rutherford County Tombstone Photo Project website and has any questions or information to add will choose to respond here. I've had far too much trouble with e-mails in the past and my last yahoo address is only ever filled with hundreds of spam e-mails and I simply don't have the time to sift through them all. It is much easier to check here every day to see if anyone responds.

And as I've mentioned on most pages of my website, I don't take outside submissions now as the photos are on my personal website that is a personal scrapbook for my photos of all subjects. While this is somewhat a "for the public" project, 99% of my website is photos taken on my many vacations and I prefer to keep all photos on my website my own. There is another Rutherford County cemetery blog that has been started that does take outside submissions, they are also a great place to check for those cemeteries I haven't visited yet.

Thank you.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cemetery of the Day

Beginning April 1st, this blog will begin posting a photo(or several) and some information about a different cemetery each day.

The cemeteries will be ones that I have personally visited and photographed. They will be located in one of the following states: Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Louisiana and Georgia. The posts will contain as much information as I possibly know with the exception of full transcriptions(unless the cemetery is very small and contains only a few known graves).

Thank you for taking a look around.