Monday, January 4, 2010

Richardson Cemetery, Smyrna, Rutherford County, TN

I have my daughter to thank for finding this small graveyard. It is located along her bus route, and one day she came home to say she thought she had seen some headstones. At first I dismissed her claim, as I knew there were no cemeteries at all in the vicinity of her school. After she later insisted that she had indeed seen headstones(that's my girl!), I had to check it out.

This small burial area is located just off Old Nashville Highway on Todd Lane. There are eight marked graves and an unknown number of unmarked. Only 2 of the graves have actual headstones, one being a military marker and the other a modest small flat granite marker.

The military marker belongs to Leonard S Richardson, 2nd Lt US Army, who died May 23, 1999. The other marker is for Larry Crawford Jr, who died April 18, 1984. The other markers are all funeral home markers. The surnames(that I could read) include Richardson and Davis. The most remarkable one is for Michael R Davis, who died May 23, 1974. His funeral home marker has been fixed onto a concrete slab, and it still lovingly reads "Pork and Beans" in the type at the top.

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